BeatRise「LuxSonic」Series - Optional Scales - Stainless Steel Handpan

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  • Scale: Optional / Customizable
  • Notes: Optional Customizable
  • Hertz: 440 Hz
  • Size: 22 Inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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More than a handpan.

Stainless Steel Handpan

  • Made of Stainless Steel, Which Makes it More Durable and Sturdy.
  • Not Easy to Rust, and More Adaptable to Different Weather Conditions.

Excellent Resonance Vibration

  • Offering Clear Powerful Almost Angelic Sound.
  • Resulting with Bright and Soft Tone with Abundance of Sustain.

Manual Tuning

  • Each Sound Area Has Traces of Manual Thumping. Finely Control the Tightness of Them.
  • Results in Unique, Balanced Volume and Ethereal Tone.

BeatRise Soft Bag

  • BeatRise Handpan Bag Can be Used as Backpack or Handbag, Provides All-round Protection for Handpan.

Oxide Layer Changes & Color Different