BeatRise 「StartSonic」Series - D Kurd 10 - Stainless Steel Handpan - Champagne Gold (In-Stock)

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  • Scale: D Kurd
  • Tuning: D | A bB C D E F G A C
  • Notes:  10 Notes
  • Hertz: 440 Hz
  • Size: 22 Inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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Cost-effective Handpan Designed for Beginners, Appropriate Price with Great Quality.

「StartSonic」 D Kurd 9/10 are

Beginner Friendly Scales.

D Kurd Scale is Commonly Used in Handpan Tutorials, Videos, and Workshops.

It Allows Beginners to Easily Find Learning Resources and Fellow Learners.

「StartSonic」 Handpan

Offers Clear & Crisp Sound.

Designed to Provide Fast Response, Allowing Beginners to Produce Clear and Penetrating Tones Easily.

Has An Excellent Resonance Vibration.

「StartSonic」 Handpan is Made of

Stainless Steel Material.

Which Offers Durability, Stability, and Resistance to Rust. More Adaptable to Different Weather Conditions.

Reduces the Maintenance Requirements and Ensures a Reliable Instrument for Beginners.

「StartSonic」 Handpan Offers an

Affordable Price But Quality.

StartSonic Handpan is Priced Reasonably, Making It More Accessible for Beginners.

Despite Its Affordability, It Still Maintains Good Quality and Sound.

BeatRise Soft Bag

  • BeatRise Handpan Bag Can be Used as Backpack or Handbag, Provides All-round Protection for Handpan.

Package Included

  • BeatRise Soft Bag
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Care Instruction
  • Silicone Edge

Oxide Layer Changes & Color Different